Coronavirus Patient Policy

To all patients:

There will be support staff to answer phone calls and receive requests.

For emergencies or acute eye/visual problems, please let us know promptly. If you are unable to get through, leave us a message and how to contact you and we will respond as soon as we can.

212-732-0073 or 718-358-5900

1.Our offices are now OPEN and are fully operational
2. Changes :
i. Patients and staff will be required to wash hands and wear face masks before any interaction upon entering office
ii. Temperatures will be taken on any patients in the office and will be asked history and travel questions
iii. Any patients suspected of any illness especially flu like symptoms will not be seen unlike there’s ongoing an eye emergency such a red eye, etc.
iv. All patients must wear proper face masks or coverings that cover both the nose and mouth. ( Face masks will not be given out. )
v. Unless needed, family members and/or aides may not be allowed in the examining areas. This is to minimize contact.

3. There will be newly placed screens(invisible plastic) in the offices for the safety of yourself and our employees.

4. There will be ultraviolet lamps used overnight and HEPA air filtering/absorbing devices in various locations of the offices to sterilize the environment. This are hospital/ medical facility approved so please understand this is for safety of staff and yourselves.

5. Telemedicine is now available to all our present patients and will be going forward. This service is for established patients and Skype and FaceTime are the recommended medias for this.

6. Our offices have always practiced sterile techniques in the instrumentation used by the staff especially the technicians and doctors. We have another sterilizing solution called Vitula biocide you will note being used by staff. This was only used in the past during flu season, now it will used year round.

7. Hourly wash of surfaces and every patient wash of instruments chin rests.

8. Our staff will undergo weekly testing for continued patient safety

9. Plexiglass dividers had been installed at check in and the patient waiting area

10. Latest technology such as non dilated retina photos for the safety of all. This has been in our office prior to the pandemic for several years; earlier practiced.

Please all stay safe and be well.

Dr Ko and staff.